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Hiking Tips between Großenhainer Care und Kmehlener mountains

Großenhainer Str. 25
04932 Gröden

Palais Zabeltitz
Heideberg Tower

Hiking Tips between Großenhainer Care and Kmehlener mountains


The Schraden extends between the Foothills of the Niederlausitz and the Foothills of the Großenhainer Care in southern Brandenburg. The contiguous marsh, swamp and Forest Landscape was to the 20th Century greatly altered by humans. Today there are mainly agricultural Fields and Lawns, but it is also broke again and finds much so slowly back along the path.


The Schraden is a historic border area that touches the northern Niederlausitz and in eastern Oberlausitz. Also here, the southern boundary of the state of Brandenburg to Saxony runs. Visible from afar ist the highest mountain in the country, with 201,4 m, to see the 34 m Heideberg-Tower with a mountain heath.


The Landscape of Schraden ist very significant, as the Spreewald or the Fläming, but also the Prince Street branch of the Wettin and the ecumenical pilgrimage from Görlitz to Vacha.


Also of interest are many sizes of art, architecture and politics, which were located in Schradenland, how the Schraden-painter Hans Nadler and art historian Hans Nadler. This was mainly known for his dedication to the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden.


The Schraden has a lot of good hiking trails, past the beauty of nature and landscape (of the Schradens). Also there are links to Saxony, such as the castles Zabeltitz  and Schönfeld and the old Garnissonsstadt Großenhain with its castle.











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